Hi rebel mystic entrepreneur!

you can create more sustainable profits doing work you love without sacrificing your life force



Hello you gorgeous human! 

I’m so glad you are here. 

My hope is that whether you decide to join me in Joy Money Life or are just checking out my invitation that you leave this page with a different perspective and a sense of relief. I have many things I’d love to share with you but I’ll start with a little story.

My daughter has a book called On the Night You Were Born. It’s a bestseller and for good reason- it talks about how the world celebrated when you were born with polar bears dancing til dawn and the wind whispering your name.

The prose is lyrical and the illustrations a delight. 

But the best part?

It affirms the magical uniqueness of each and every human being that ever was and ever will be. 

What’s interesting to me is that as I’ve built a business that’s been intertwined with my life over the past two decades (yes I’ve been in business for a long time), I’ve often forgotten that golden nugget- the one that reminds me in a still small voice just like the book: “You are the one and only ever you.” 

I am a wonder. And you are too. And that applies equally to the businesses we create and the lives we lead.


Knowing that uniqueness is intrinsic, why then have I (and many other women) succumbed to the conditioning that someone else can give us the keys to our kingdoms? 


I still remember the very first infoproduct I purchased. It was around 2006 give or take and I bought an online marketing course. It arrived with the requisite DVDs and PDFs in a white plastic binder and a fold out color blueprint that said things like “marketing” and “facebook.” 

I thought maybe I too could have a business, write a book, speak on stages if I dutifully watched the DVDs and did the exercises in the binder. 

And I’m sure that guru (who is still around today) has helped people achieve their goals. 

But I will admit I didn’t do a lot with that particular infoproduct as I continued to work for myself offering coaching and consulting to my clients- mostly bigger businesses and CEOs. I also continued buying courses and attending seminars to learn what were considered “best practices” for building a business. I parroted some of those best practices back to my own clients. 

Over the years I’ve made tons of money but also spent at least $100,000 on courses, masterminds and trainings. 

And you know the greatest wisdom I’ve gleaned from the experience of being in business for nearly 20 years? 

We are unique and so are our businesses. Therefore the paths we take to achieve our version of success must be as unique as we are! 

Remember: “you are the one and only ever you.” 


My suspicion is that there are many rebel mystic entrepreneurs out there who identify with my challenges- perhaps you too have spent money and time and bought programs only to let them gather dust on your hard drive (or never log into them). 

Don’t worry- no shame from me over here! 

The thing is, I don’t believe that my people (that is the rebels and mystics, creatives and empaths, highly sensitive and right brained) are meant to follow someone else’s blueprint or step-by-step approach.

And that concept of best practices? I don’t believe in them at all anymore. Best for whom? When? Who says? 

Of course, I’m also here having created something (Joy Money Life) that I’m inviting you to consider buying- so what’s the deal? Didn’t I just contradict myself? 

I didn’t and here’s why- Joy Money Life is all about YOU. Your joy. Your money. Your definition of success.

I simply created a tool (the Joy|Money Matrix™) that shows you those things in brilliant color and detail. 

The magic is what you do with that information.

So, if you're longing to be in the driver's seat of your business.

If you know that you want a guide that leads you back to your own wisdom, your own joy, your own money.

If you are quite sure that it would be phenomenal not to be stressed about completing modules, or applying new marking techniques or otherwise reinventing the already inventive wheel that is your business, read on!



Joy Money Life is a container to hold both my amazing system- the Joy|Money Matrix™- and your incredible magic.

Before I continue, let me give you some broad brushstrokes so that we know we’re in the same garden. 

You may identify with some or all of the following: 

  • You are a business owner
  • You experience cyclical success- distinct highs and lows if not the proverbial feast/famine
  • You are an expert in your field but don’t necessarily think others are aware of how special you are
  • You have myriad interests outside your work and are a consummate learner 
  • You can’t always maintain momentum like some of your entrepreneur friends
  • You occasionally have intense caregiving responsibilities (for yourself, fur and/or human babies, elders) that can take over your time and leave little energy for your work
  • You are creative beyond belief but sometimes don’t get those creations to exist outside of your mind 



 Ok great! If you identify with some or all of these then you're in the right place. If not, no sweat and feel free to hang out- all are welcome here. 

Now I'm going to take a stab at what's up for you.


You might...

    •  Desire to keep doing your work (you love it after all) 
    • Long for your work to 100% support you and your lifestyle (and the lifestyle you want to grow into)
    • Not always see a path where you can work, do your creative projects, and have plenty of money all at the same time
    • Feel uncertain about yet another program because you’ve bought so many that you barely touch
    • Wonder if you’re even cut out to be a business owner after all 



Here's the thing: the way we've been taught to grow a business is totally backwards.

They say, "Come do this program. Make the money. Then get the lifestyle."

No way- it’s the opposite!


I created the Joy|Money Matrix™ when I was "driving and crying."

I was about 18 months into motherhood, experiencing postpartum depression and didn’t know what the eff to do with myself- with my baby, with my self-care, with my business, with my life. 

At that point I had been in business for around 13 years and had advised billion dollar companies, CEOs of very well known startups and even a member of Congress. But I couldn’t seem to advise myself.  

P.S. I did not look like this photo! This is where we are now :)



How could I be the mother I wanted to be, take care of myself and my family, grow my business and continue to have a life?

It was the quintessential question all women ask: Can I have it all? 


What I so desperately needed at the time was a way to guide my steps that felt intuitive and gentle but also well-informed and wise. A pathway that would help me achieve my dreams but also take care of the very practical needs of our household. 

So I stripped my must-haves in life down to two components: joy and money. And then I started to make decisions based on those two metrics.

How much joy does this decision bring?

How much money?

My early decisions involved simple things: ice skating is free and brings me tons of joy. My husband did the morning baby shift or I hired a sitter so that I could go ice skating in Bryant Park.

I realized I was not enjoying my 1:1 coaching that much at the time. Bye bye 1:1 coaching packages.

Painting was a huge source of joy so I painted more-- and people bought my work!

Score :) Joy and Money combined.


As the work evolved and as my brilliant facilitators spread the joyful money concepts to their clients, the impact of the Joy|Money Matrix™ became clear: it is a life changing tool for those who desire a gentle but transformative paradigm shift. 

Entrepreneurs who want to LOVE life and make great money without selling out or burning out. 

Gentle. Joyful. Profitable.

Please allow me to introduce Joy Money Life- a lifetime container that helps seasoned rebel mystic entrepreneurs grow joyfully profitable businesses, deepen their creative practices and enjoy vibrant personal lives.


Here’s what you can expect if you decide to join me for JML:

Fall back in love with biz

Be excited to start most days with clarity and excitement for the tasks at hand (let's be real here some days are for napping) and enjoy your growing bank balance.

Guilt-free Joy

Stop feeling guilty when you go through energetic ebbs and flows because you trust that your business will support you even if you aren't working.

Delegate with ease

Have more money to delegate the home and business tasks that drag you down so that you can focus on the tasks the drive revenue and joy.

More time for life

Uncover more free time (and the requisite energy) to pursue your creative practice, hobbies and relationships without being worried that you’ll tank your business.

Less worry

Have the ability to shut off any obsessive thoughts about business at the end of the day, on weekends and during vacations. 

Joyful marketing and sales

Strengthen your ability to discern which marketing and sales vehicles work for you and make you happy and make you money.

Craft a Unique Rhythm

Create your own rhythm for work and play that supports your dreams and your dollars using my singular, customized approach to cultivating flow.

Become the Artist of your Life + Business

Enjoy the satisfaction of fully creating what you've dreamt about in your mind and bring it to life- fully this time!

Enjoy the Journey

Savor the day-to-day process that feels nourishing and full while you move towards the dreams you have for yourself, your business and your family.

One purchase. A lifetime of joy and money.

Here's how you experience that shift:



You're invited to three live virtual Joy|Money Matrix™ retreats no matter where you are in the world. Every year.

Our first virtual retreat kicks off in autumn 2021 (so that you receive all your materials in time) and is paced to allow for the needs of caregivers.

The second takes place in February 2022.

Our third retreat will be in June 2022 so regardless of your schedule you'll find one or two that fit your schedule.



Each virtual JMM retreats take place in 2 hour segments over the course of three weeks to prevent zoom fatigue and give you time to process in between sessions. Click here for JMM retreat schedule.

As always, recordings are available for those who cannot attend each session live. In general one JMM per year (plus follow up) is plenty for most business owners.

If you tend to transform rapidly, then you might want to consider attending more or even all of them.



Twice monthly group calls give you the opportunity to:

  • ask me (Lauren) questions so that you have immediate access to my 17 years of experience as a rebel mystic entrepreneur
  • recalibrate your strategic plans post-JMM retreat so that you keep making moves (albeit gently)
  • connect with other JMLifers to support your progress and cross-pollinate your business and life with aligned peeps

This is where the magic happens- in the integration and the application of what you discovered during your JMM retreat.



A Joy|Money Matrix™ box with all the goodies you need for your Joy Money Life. I love trees and use predominantly tree free and recycled materials to ship you a box that contains the tools you’ll need to participate in two JMMs. Plus some surprise treats. Yes treats!

While I love the accessibility of teaching JMM online, this is a very tactile and visual process and it makes me so happy to gift you with tangible tools that help you build your Joy Money Life.

Your program includes materials and shipping anywhere in the world.



Forever access to the on demand JMM retreat.

Need to go through JMM at your own pace? Prefer transcripts? This version is for you. Forever. It is very important to me that Joy Money Life allows for the very real fluctuations we go through in our lives and businesses- hence this lifetime access.

You have lifetime access to JMM to support your growth and goals when and where you need it.

Want to go deeper?

I made a few videos to help you discern whether this is the right program for you and if I'm the right person to work with at this time given the goals you have for your business and the reality of your life. 

Curious about what exactly is Joy|Money Matrix™?

In this video I share my JMM analogy and how it changed my thinking.

What are some reasonable outcomes to expect from participating in JML?

In this video I share details about what is possible for you if you join in for Joy Money Life.

What is included in the Joy Money Life experience?

In this video I share details about the container that is Joy Money Life and why I've structured it this way. 

Here’s what others have to say about using the Joy|Money Matrix™:



Pay in Full


one time payment/lifetime membership
  • Lifetime access to the JMM on demand workshop, resources, and portal
  • Invitation to 3 JMM retreats every year.
  • JMM box shipped anywhere in the world with materials for 2 JMM retreats
  • Forever access to live Joy Money Life coaching calls
  • Forever access to the JML member community
  • Forever access to Laurel- Lauren's customers-only mighty network
  • 20% discount on all JMM and Lauren Fritsch offers including in person retreats

Payment Plan Option


12 payments/lifetime membership
  • Lifetime access to the JMM on demand workshop, resources, and portal
  • Invitation to 3 JMM retreats every year.
  • JMM box shipped anywhere in the world with materials for 2 JMM retreats
  • Forever access to live Joy Money Life coaching calls
  • Forever access to the JML member community
  • Forever access to Laurel- Lauren's customers-only mighty network
  • 20% discount on all JMM and Lauren Fritsch offers including in person retreats
Life Shifted Media LLC
Beth Grant - artist

“I use the JMM all the time now ... every project is planned using it. Every marketing decision is gauged by where it falls on my JMM. I use sections of it with my clients to help them make decisions in their business model and their marketing ... in everything.”


Life Shifted Media LLC
Nukhet Hendricks - Executive Director, Danny & Ron's Rescue

“I now operate in my zone of genius because when I am working on my business, I am energized, not drained; I can do this work for the rest of my life! Now I know for certain; I was born to do this, like Joan of Arc said.”

Executive Director, Danny & Ron's Rescue

Life Shifted Media LLC
M. Shannon Hernandez - Joyful Marketing Strategist

“Shannon has worked with over 100 entrepreneurs on the JMM and continues to receive rave reviews. In a recent text she shared, "I have changed six lives today. This is my fucking joyful life!"”

Joyful Marketing Strategist

Gentle. Joyful. Profitable.

You are cordially invited to join me for Joy Money Life- a lifetime container that helps seasoned rebel mystic entrepreneurs grow joyfully profitable businesses, deepen their creative practices and enjoy vibrant personal lives.




 I want to help you grow your business doing work you love while you deepen your creative practices and enjoy a super vibrant personal life.

I’ve created a gentle, joyful and profitable approach called Joy Money Life.

Join me there! xoxo, Lauren